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Sealing quality, for anodic oxide coatings
Sealing quality, for anodic oxide coatings

The weather resistance of an anodized finish is a function of sealing quality. According to DIN EN ISO 2931 and ASTM B 457-67, the admittance (Y) of a capacitor in which the anodic oxide film forms the dielectric is a good yard-stick of sealing quality. The ANOTEST® YMP30-S measures the admittance according to standards, and due to its design is ideally suited for on-site testing.


The shutter of the FISCHER X-Ray instrument is directly located in the beam path and is opened only for the duration of the measurement. In its closed state, it prevents the primary radiation from entering the measuring chamber. Monitored by the safety system, it opens only when the housing is completely closed, eliminating the risk of radiation for the operator.


In the X-Ray fluorescence analysis, the radiation emitted by the sample is depicted in the signal spectrum, the lines of which identify the elements contained in the sample. From this spectrum, the FISCHER WinFTM®-Software computes the desired parameters, such as coating thickness or element concentrations.

Definition: STEP Test

The STEP Test is used to simultaneously measure the potential differences between and the coating thicknesses of multiplex nickel coatings, allowing for an assessment of their corrosion behavior.

This is a variation of the Coulometric method.

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