Our technical glossary on the topic of coating thickness measurement, material analysis and the characterization of surfaces.

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Classes of Materials (COM)
Classes of Materials (COM)

Using the COM function in a FISCHER X-Ray instrument, unknown samples can be assigned automatically to a predefined material class. These classes may be different kinds of materials, e.g. different alloys, specific coating thicknesses, or concentration ranges of a coating structure. The WinFTM® software can then automatically select the appropriate application to use for the measurement.

For example, in gold analysis, WinFTM® firstly determines the type of alloy and then selects the appropriate measuring application required to determine the gold content with high accuracy.

Coulometric method
Definition: Coulometric method

The Coulometric method is an electrochemical analysis method according to DIN EN ISO 2177, in order to determine the thickness of metal coatings.

It is often used for checking the quality of electroplated coatings, and for monitoring the thickness of the remaining pure tin on printed circuit boards. The method is also suitable for multi-layer coatings like chrome on nickel on copper on plastics.

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