Measurement of Corrosion Protection Coatings

Measurement of Corrosion Protection Coatings

Climatic conditions can cause rapid corrosion of metallic components if they are not protected by appropriate measures. Such corrosion protection coatings can be realized in different ways with the protective function being dependent on the applied coating. FISCHER provides specific solutions for the precise measurement of these coatings. 

Coating thickness measurement on ships

Typical applications

  • Measurement of the thickness of corrosion protection coatings according to international standards IMO PSPC and SSPC-PA2 using the MP0R and MP0R-FP instruments, even in harsh environments
  • Measurement of the thickness of corrosion protection coatings in harsh surroundings (e.g., ships, bridges, machinery) using the instruments of the FMP series
  • Measurement of the paint thickness in the automotive sector using the instruments of the FMP series
  • The measurement of large objects (e.g., ships) generates a large number of measurement data; their evaluation is very complex. Using the software FISCHER DataCenter, you are able to generate reports from the measurement data automatically, immediately following the measurement procedure.
  • Measurement of thin duplex coatings (paint/zinc on steel or iron) using the PHASCOPE® PMP10 DUPLEX
  • Coating thickness measurement on hot dip galvanized steel structures with Zn coatings of at least 70 µm and an additional paint coating using the DUALSCOE® instruments of the FMP series. You can measure the Zn coating and the paint coating in one measurement step and display both coating thicknesses separately.

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