Measurement of the Ferrite Content
      in Austenitic and Duplex Steel

Ferrite Content in Austenitic and Duplex Steel


  • Fast, non-destructive measurement of ferrite content on-site or in the lab
  • Measurement range 0.1 to 80% Fe or 0.1 to 110 FN
  • Ferrite measurable either in Ferritepercentage “%Fe” or Ferritenumber “FN”
  • Measurements according ISO 17655 or “Basler Standard”
  • Calibration standards are traceable to internationally approved TWI secondary standards, which fulfil ISO 8249 and AWS A4.2M requirements.
  • Corrective calibration with customer-specific standards possible

Typical fields of application

Measurement of the ferrite content in:

  • Duplex steel
  • Austenitic steel welds (tubes, sheets)
  • Normal steel with austenitic chrome alloy steel welded cladding (boilers, vessels)

More information:

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