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Complying with SSPC-PA2 and IMO PSPC Requirements

Fischer instruments are designed with built-in measurement reporting to meet the requirements set forth by SSPC PAC2 and IMO PSPC. Many of our handheld coating thickness gauges have a large selection of interchangeable probes that are extremely accurate and have a wide measurement range. The regulations require "Type 2" probes for electronic instruments. Fischer probes fulfil this requirement. The probes are designed for hard to reach areas, curvatures and surface roughness.

  • Display summarizes SSPC PA2 Mode which includes the number of gauge readings and the number of spot readings in an area
  • Display demonstrates 80% and 120% rule. No single spot measurement shall be less than 80% of specified minimum thickness and no single spot measurement shall be more than 120% of specified maximum thickness.
  • Information including the average thickness of all spot measurements is displayed
  • Area measurement statistical values are listed
  • Spot measurements summary including date and time of measurements

 The following FISCHER measuring instruments help you to comply with the SSPC-PA2 and IMO PSPC requirements: