FISCHER DataCenter Software

FISCHER DataCenter


  • Easy transfer of measurement data from measuring instruments to the PC
  • Immediate evaluation of the measurement results: Histogram, sum frequency chart, statistical process control chart
  • Statistical Visualization with the integrated Factory Diagnosis Diagram FDD® - applicable without statistical knowledge
  • Easy automated generation of inspection reports. The reports are based on custom-created report templates.
  • Archive and print measurement data and inspection reports

Additional features FISCHER DataCenter IP

  • For DUALSCOPE® FMP100 and FMP150
  • Inspection strategies can be implemented into inspection plans
  • Inspection plans are generated on the PC and loaded onto the instrument
  • Step-by-step on-screen guidance leads the operator through the measurement acquisition procedure



FISCHER DataCenter

  • Software for Evaluating and Archiving Measurement Data

FISCHER DataCenter IP (Inspection Plan)

  • Inspection Plan Software for Quality Assurance
Easy Generation of Inspection Reports

The FISCHER DataCenter Software significantly expands the functionality of the FISCHER measuring instruments. Quickly and easily, measurement data can be transferred to the PC and inspection reports can be created and printed. In addition to the various evaluation options, the Factory Diagnosis Diagram (FDD) provides a user-friendly tool for process monitoring. With the version DataCenter IP (Inspection Plan), inspection plans can be created on a PC and transferred to our "smart" instruments FMP100 and FMP150.

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