Compact Pocket
                Coating Thickness Gauges MP0R

Compact Coating Thickness Gauges – Series MP0R


  • Quick one-hand operation: Simply place the instrument and read the measured value
  • Display screen with menu navigation rotates automatically, regardless of your position
  • Gauge with integrated probe for easy handling
  • Excellent repeatability precision  
  • Acoustical and optical signal of a measurement capture
  • Statistical evaluation at the push of a button: Arithmetic mean value; standard deviation of the measured values, min and max values of a measurement series
  • Tolerance limits for upper and lower limit values, Memory for max. 10.000 readings
  • Delivery with PC software FISCHER DataCenter with the following functionality: Transferring and archiving measurement data, comprehensive statistical and graphical evaluations, easy creation and printing of inspection reports
  • Measuring mode acc. standard IMO PSPC for "Performance Standard for Protective Coatings" of the International Maritime Organization, Measuring mode acc. standard SSPC-PA2 of the "Society for Protective Coatings"

Typical fields of application

  • Protective coatings, Paint manufacturing, Shipbuilding industry, Maintenance of buildings

Compact pocket coating thickness gauges with PC-interface for a convenient, fast and nondestructive coating thickness measurement on virtually all metals

Gauge Types:


For measuring non-ferromagnetic metal coatings, e.g., chrome, copper, zinc, as well as paint, varnish, enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron. (Measurement with the magnetic-inductive method according to ISO 2178, ASTM D7091). This instrument is particularly suited for highly precise measurements of thin coatings.


For measuring paint, varnish or plastic coatings on non-ferromagnetic metal substrate materials and anodic coatings on aluminum. (Measurement with the eddy-current method according to ISO 2360, ASTM D7091). This instrument is particularly suited for highly precise measurements of thin coatings.


Based on the automatic substrate material recognition and the combination of the two measurement methods (magnetic-inductive and eddy-current according to ISO 2178, ASTM D7091 and ISO 2360), this universal instrument can be used to measure numerous coatings both on iron/steel and on non-ferromagnetic metals and non-conducting carrier materials.