Premium Handheld Gauges for Coating
       Thickness Measurement FMP100-150

FMP100 and 150 Premium Handheld Gauges


  • Windows® CE operating system with graphical
    user interface and a user-definable file and folder
  • High-resolution touchscreen with virtual keypad
    that can be operated using a stylus or finger
  • Large memory for several thousand measuring
    applications with different calibrations
  • Extensive evaluation and statistics functions with
    supporting graphical presentation options, e.g. with FDD 
  • Delivery with PC software FISCHER DataCenter with the following functionality: Transferring and archiving measurement data, comprehensive statistical and graphical evaluations, easy creation and printing of inspection reports
  • Wide selection of high-precision probes including
    many specialised probes for even the most sophisticated measurement applications

Typical fields of application


  • Electroplating: Coating thickness measurement of nonmagnetic  materials like Zn, Cr, Cu, tin on steel
  • Paint manufacturing: Paint, Lacquer, Plastics on steel or on Al, Cu, brass
  • Automotive industry: Paint measurement with cavity probe in steel car bodies
  • Chemical industry: Enamel in steel vessels
  • Aeronautics: Anodized coatings on Aluminum


In addition to the above, the FMP150 is also able for:

  • Quick measurements of copper and chrome coatings on iron and steel, e.g., on gravure cylinders
  • Measurements of thick, isolated coatings on iron, thick conducting coatings on iron and nickel coatings on non-ferrous metals

Premium handheld coating thickness gauges with color touchscreen for non-destructive coating thickness measurement on virtually all metals 



Gauge Types:


Based on the automatic substrate material recognition and the combination of the two measurement methods (magnetic-inductive and eddy-current), this universal instrument can be used to measure numerous coatings both on iron/steel and on non-ferromagnetic metals and non-conducting carrier materials.


Three measurement methods are available within one instrument (eddy current, magnetic induction and magnetic methods). The magnetic channel allows for an extended measurement range.

All instrument types measure according to ISO 2178, ASTM D7091 and ISO 2360