Microhardness and Mechanical Properties

Testing devices for the exact characterization of soft to very hard materials as well as coatings in the micro- and nanometer ranges.

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FISCHERSCOPE ST200 Datasheet ST200 [PDF]

Conductivity Measurement

Portable instruments for measuring electrical conductivity, which provides information on properties such as hardness and strength.

Measuring Ferrite Content

Determine the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of steel by measuring ferrite content.

Wall Thickness Measurement

The handy ultrasound gauges with exchangeable probes are the ideal solution for measuring wall thicknesses on structures ranging from pipes and ship hulls to light bulbs and plastic bottles.

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FISCHERSCOPE UMP20/40/100 Brochure UMP Family [PDF]

Porosity Tests

The robust, mobile measurement devices from the POROSCOPE range are ideally suited for quick and easy testing of non-conductive protective coatings to find even the tiniest pores and fissures.

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Testing Anodic Layers

For maximum resistance to weathering: robust measurement technology to test the densification of anodized aluminum.

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Calibration and Accessories

Calibration standard, gauge stands, software and accessories for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and nanoindentation with measurement instruments from Fischer.

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DataCenter, DataCenter IP Brochure Datacenter [PDF]
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Measuring stands and sample holders Datasheet V12 BASE [PDF]
Datasheet V12 MOT [PDF]
Calibration TDS X-RAY Calibration Standards [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cd primary and secondary reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cr/Cu, Cr/CuSn and Cr/Fe reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cr/Ni reference material [PDF]
TR-Characterization of Cu primary and secondary reference materials [PDF]
TR-Characterization of self-supporting Au foils and Au layers on mylar [PDF]
TR-On the Re-calibration of Au-Layer Master Reference Standards [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Ni-foil reference standards [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Pt-foil and Pt/Si Reference Standards [PDF]
TR-Primary reference standards for precious metal analysis (gold alloys) [PDF]
TR-On the re-calibration of Rh-foil reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-calibration and characterization of Ti secondary reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-calibration of self-supporting Cr foils with Cr/Fe reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-check of Sn foils, self-supporting and mounted over Ni [PDF]
TR-Re-evaluation of Cr/Cu reference standards [PDF]
TR-Re-evaluation of Cr/Fe reference standards [PDF]
TR-Recertification of Au on Pd on Ni master standard foils [PDF]
TR-Recertification of master standards with Pd layers [PDF]
TR-Recertification of Zn and Zn/Fe secondary (“master”) reference standards [PDF]
TR-Traceability of mass per unit area and composition of ZnNi-coatings [PDF]
TR-Traceability of the amount of Phosphorus in NiP-coatings [PDF]

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