Technical Articles

A strong research and development focus is not least among the factors underpinning the Helmut Fischer Group's success. Our experts regularly contribute to various publications in different trade media. We present a few excerpts here:

Automatisierte Kontaktprüfung

Automatische Mustererkennung vereinfacht die Qualitätskontrolle von Leiterplatten (German, mo -Magazin für Oberflaechentechnik Issue 2013-11).

Kein Fortschritt ohne Prüftechnik

Messtechnik im Wandel der Zeit– von der reinen Qualitätskontrolle zur Prozessoptimierung (German, mo - Magazin für Oberflaechentechnik Issue 2013- 9)

Porosity testing

Porosity Testing: A new series of instruments has been developed specifically to meet the demands of testing protective coatings for porosity, cracks and other openings that could cause corrosion (English, Marine Maintenence Technology Int. 1-2013)

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