Terahertz – A revolution in coating thickness measurement

With its Terahertz technology, Fischer finally makes it possible to measure multiple layers on metal or plastic – non-destructively.


  • Measurement of multiple layers on metal and plastic
  • The measurement is non-destructive and contactless
  • Samples do not require preparation for the measurement
  • Very low calibration effort
  • No ionizing radiation

The Terahertz technology makes the quality assurance considerably more efficient, especially in the car industry

Your advantages

  • Whether metal, plastic or ceramics – the substrate does not influence the measurement
  • A 4-layer system can easily be analyzed in one second
  • Wet coatings can be analyzed in running production
  • The devices do not require any radiation protection

Automobile bodies today are often coated with up to four different layers

Measuring with Terahertz – how does it work?

  • Terahertz radiation consists of electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging between 100 GHz and 4 THz
  • The THz pulse can penetrate many paints and coatings but is partially reflected at the transitions between the layers
  • Based on the differences in time between the reflections, the Fischer software can determine the thicknesses of up to four layers

While the measuring principle is similar to ultrasound, Terahertz is contactless and does not require complex calibration

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